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Home + Garden

Don’t Leave the Light on–ways to save energy and money

Lindsey and Andreas Schmid are keen on keeping their carbon footprint small. On a recent rainy day, I stood in the basement of their 1885 farmhouse and watched the electric meter spin backward. The couple is striving for net-zero consumption—defined… Read More

How can I start composting?

Composting is a fantastic way to reduce waste, enrich soil, and lower your carbon footprint. It keeps garbage out of landfills, and it’s a wonderful alternative to chemical fertilizers. The best part is that it’s easy to get started. You… Read More

Simple Elegance–Just perfect inside and out

“Years ago when there was a lot of vacant land and people wanted to build a church or temple, they would just walk the land until they felt good about a place—the energy—that’s where they would build,” says Dan Divitto,… Read More

Getting Your Greens–Benefits of house plants & which to choose

A room festooned with lush, green houseplants is an inviting one. Whether they’re a bright green pothos sitting on a desk or a string-of-pearls suspended from a hanging planter, plants make any space feel a little more cheerful and a… Read More

Electric Avenue––The move away from gas-powered cars

Purring in from over the horizon is a silent but powerful brigade of vehicles that will transform the American car culture. For decades, electric cars have been a sideshow, a novelty act, a blip on the automotive sales chart. But… Read More

Green Goddess–Energy efficiency and style make for a hip, healthy home

When Jill and Kevin Brenner were looking to downsize from their 6,000-square-foot farmhouse in Pound Ridge, their search had a narrow scope. The new location had to be a buildable lot within the Bedford/Pound Ridge community and preferably closer to… Read More

Gone to Hellebores–These flowers are harbingers of spring

Just when you desperately need spring, hellebores burst on the scene. Go beyond all those images of itty bitty bulbs when you think of spring’s first floral encounters because hellebores are anything but subtle. Rivaling any other harbinger for spring… Read More

Daffodil Parade & Events – April 16-30

Few know former Kent resident, Birdsey Grant Northrop by name. The often-unsung “Father of Arbor Day” is best known for his mission to plant trees in the early 19th century. Well, Kent has recently been on another planting spree. Tens… Read More

History Preserved–A home steeped in history and daffodils

Come spring, visitors wending through Colebrook can’t help but gape at the prominent grassy slope bursting forth with thousands of daffodils—a whopping 3,800 bulbs at last count. “People will get out of their cars and take pictures,” says owner Carol… Read More

Modern Menage–very BOLD spaces in VERY cool places

Discovering one’s true path in life is often a circuitous route. Diane Rath, a small-town upstate New York girl, never imagined she would live in Fairfield—let alone reimagine her career to become an interior designer. After college, Rath built her… Read More