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What’s with all the Wild Turkeys in the area?

These days, wild turkeys are a common sight in our area, but it wasn’t always that way. Turkeys have a storied history, full of misadventures and triumphs, that continues to this day. The Spanish were the first to bring turkeys to the Old World after they discovered the unfamiliar birds in Mexico and took a… Read More

Healthy Chompers–Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth Is a Must

Have you brushed your dog’s teeth today? The few times I tried it with my Labs, they ate the toothpaste and wouldn’t let me get the brush in. Epic fail. Whether you brush, give them dental chews, or pay a visit your vet, the need for dental cleaning goes beyond Fido’s bad breath. Gum disease,… Read More

Four-Legged Fosters–Helping shelter animals from their forever homes

Fostering a shelter animal can be a life-changing experience—not only for the pet, but for you as well. Shelters and adoption centers use fostering for a variety of reasons: to free up space, allow an animal recovery time from an illness or surgery, help an animal that is not thriving in the shelter, or train… Read More

Our Fur Babies

The bond between humans and their pets is a strong one. Science has proven that we love our pets in a way that eerily similar to the way we love our children. When a pet gazes at its owner, oxytocin spikes in the brains of both animal and human. Oxytocin, you may recall from science… Read More

Dog Paddle – A Wilton dog shares his swimming story

My name is Duncan aka Dunkie-doo. I’m a dog. A yellow Labrador, to be precise. Okay, full disclosure, I’m really a Labrador mix from a shelter in South Carolina. My human mom, fell in love with my picture online seven years ago and filled out the adoption paperwork for me on the spot. Along with… Read More

How to Sell a Home–A case study in a real-state listing

Listing and selling a home—particularly in these tough times for this market sector—is a skill. Telling a story, staging in a big or small way, and pricing are the key elements to get the right people into the home to look, to like, and to buy. We offer one example as a way to illustrate… Read More

Do You Believe in Ghosts? You Might After You Read This

Call me crazy, but I’ve always believed there is something beyond this life. I’ve seen psychic mediums, participated in group readings, and had my tarot cards read—all in the hopes of connecting with a high school boyfriend, to whom I never got to say goodbye. Luckily, I’m not alone. Several locals shared their real-life ghost… Read More

Innovative animal-rescue groups offer foster, hospice, and respite

Picture a giant playpen filled with frisky felines being wheeled into a nursing home. The residents are then given poles to “fish for kitties,” explains Juli Cialone, founder of Rock N’ Rescue, which is based in South Salem, but depends on its network of foster families to house animals until they find homes. “Therapeutically, the… Read More

Designer Spotlight–Eight Designers Show Off a Favorite Space

From reimagined game rooms, cozy bedrooms, and elegant living rooms to hip outdoor living spaces and even a sleekly designed commercial waiting room—these talented people showcase how they translate a client’s wish into a design dream-come-true. Whether you love traditional or contemporary, beachy or casual chic–you never have to leave Fairfield to find the right… Read More

A mountaintop home and artist’s studio with spectacular views

Ascending the steep, wooded driveway to Ridley and Nina Maric Whitakers’ home in South Egremont, the property makes an immediate impression. The day I was there, two white-tailed bucks grazed on the lawn below the house—they apprised me and my car, then bounded casually into the woods. Flocks of sparrows flittered in and out of… Read More