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Health + Beauty

Berkshire Blend – Pot growing combines sunlight, soil, and passion

On a late-summer evening at 5:15, people mingle under a canopy of trees as daylight begins to fade. They stand in line to enter a wooden A-frame building with “Theory Wellness” emblazoned in brushed aluminum, the lettering large enough to be seen from the street. The parking lot is abuzz. The vintage Triumph convertible with… Read More

Low-down on High Style – Designer Adam Lippes’ take on dressing a woman

A-LIST DESIGNER Adam Lippes (photo below) enjoys the gorgeous setting of Naumkeag in Stockbridge with model Kelly Kaiser, mother of four, music and art teacher, and musician from West Stockbridge. Photo above, chiffon pleated tunic and skirt with lattice trim, Adam Lippes; white gold diamond dandelion puff earrings, McTeigue & McClelland (McII), Great Barrington; Donald… Read More

Berkshire Boxing Club welcomes everyone into the ring

The lobby of the Berkshire Boxing Club is buzzing. Just before class, while we’re lacing up our shoes and wrapping our knuckles and wrists with 180-centimeter strips of cotton, the crew is talking about the recent heavyweight upset at Madison Square Garden. Andy Ruiz Jr., a relatively unknown heavyweight with short arms and a love… Read More

Ten Minutes With a style maven – Jade Hobson

Jade Hobson was born in New York but grew up in Darien and Westport. From an early age she was intrigued by design and initially drawn to architecture. But fashion captured her heart and when a friend suggested she would make a good “magazine girl,” she applied for, and got, a job at Conde Nast,… Read More

Lisa Taddeo chronicles the desires of “Three Women” – lands Showtime series

Sex. People may not discuss it in public, but practically everyone, regardless of age, thinks about it and likes to read about it. Now, thanks to the herculean efforts of journalist Lisa Taddeo, we have Three Women, a new book that explores the sex lives and passions of three very different women. It has been… Read More

From Masks to Medicine – Artist Tyler Green’s innovative product line saves lives

Everything in Tyler Green’s Winsted studio demands attention: realistically crafted fingers and hands that look like severed body parts, a synthetic torso so authentic it requires up-close reassurance, and complex masks that are simultaneously terrifying and fascinating. And yet, with so much competing for attention, one thing steals the spotlight: the artist himself. The sixth… Read More

Help Is Right Here – Personalized Care For Breast Cancer Patients

“How can I help?” When a family member or friend is diagnosed with breast cancer, this might be the first question you ask. As a now four-year survivor of the disease, I can absolutely say the best answer is: Do anything that lends support and keeps life as normal as possible. Support is also at… Read More

Girl Power – Three Wilton stores strut their stuff for fall

Autumn is almost here and while it can be a drag to say buh-bye to summer sunshine, cooler weather brings an array of fashionable wardrobe choices. So put away the flip flops, sarongs, and bikinis, and turn your focus to crisp fall fashion. Denim remains a perennial favorite, moto jackets are still going strong, and… Read More

Fall Faves- local boutiques share their Best Looks

The start of autumn in Litchfield County brings a chill in the air that propels us to transition from wearing flip flops to boots, and bathing suits to cashmere. In our annual fall fashion feature we asked some of our local boutiques and stores to ease us into fall with some of their favorite looks:… Read More

Girl Power – style from sisterhood in the neighborhood

When talented people come together, good things happen. Tapping into the expertise in Fairfield and Black Rock, we assembled an army of shop owners, hair, makeup, and fashion stylists, and together we created looks to suit women of all ages. This savvy group proves you don’t have to go far to find a great outfit,… Read More