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Food + Drink

The Pollans Celebrate Family Meals – (includes Michael J. Fox)

When all of the Pollans get together for a meal, they number 21. While it all began with Corky and Stephen, their three daughters Tracy, Dana, and Lori and son Michael have grown up, married, have children of their own;… Read More

Round and Round- Meal on Wheels: nearly 25,000 dishes a year

Roll time back 47 years, and duck inside the basement of St. Mary School. It’s 1972, and there are three women, fueled with a $500 grant, preparing meals for those in need. Now roll forward to 2019 and a look… Read More

A Rosé by Any Other Name…The creation and enjoyment of pink wine

Almost every year, our favorite pink drink, rosé, gets more attention than it did the year before. This wine sure is a delight to the palate, but how is rosé made? All pink wine is produced from the inclusion of… Read More

Crushing Your Wine Game – Tips from local oenophiles

As we move from the season of flip-flops and rosé into the months of sit-down dinner parties and back-to-back holidays, it’s time to get serious about wine. Guests deserve better than a clutter of indifferent wines—the whites languishing at room… Read More

Nectar of the Gods – Traveling far and wide for the best wines and olive oil

Jean-François Bizalion has been sourcing olive oil from France, Spain, and Italy for 15 years; it’s the cornerstone on which he and his wife, Helen, modeled their popular French café and market in bustling Great Barrington. “It brings a flavor… Read More

Foodways of the Past – Historic sites invite us into their kitchens to see what’s cooking

On an August morning in 1830, the sisters are in the orchards, picking early apples. They grow a variety called transparent that ripens weeks ahead of most. The younger girls dare each other to climb to the top of the… Read More

Grandmother’s Recipe – Ooma Tesoro turns ten, but its marinara recipe goes way back

Michael Tesoro’s grandmother grew up in Brooklyn where her marinara sauce came to be known as the most delicious, simplest, and truest to the region of southern Italy from which she hailed. Among the myriad Italian grandmothers, it was agreed:… Read More

No Cooking Required – From North to South County, ready-made meals are good to go

If preparing delicious and healthful meals every night is getting to be too much, and pizza or Chinese take-out are becoming way too regular, Berkshire County offers two excellent and creative options. Molly Johnston, who runs Back to Basics in… Read More

Wilton Magazine Readers Choice Awards 2019

For our first annual Readers Choice Awards, we went to the source—our devoted readers—to find out the best of Wilton. Hundreds of you responded (thank you!) and now the results are in. Check out the winners here—lots of great… Read More

Ridgefield Magazine Readers Choice Awards 2019

Our second annual Ridgefield Magazine Readers Choice Awards inspired our readers to get online and vote to tell us the best of the Ridgefield area. More than 1,200 of you responded (thank you!) and the results are now in. Check… Read More