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Berkshire Magazine Summer issue is here!

In our latest issue, read about: Kim and James Taylor return, Outdoors take center stage, All about the Staycation, A shared vision, a dream home And much more! We’re bringing to you this online issue of Berkshire Magazine at no… Read More

Ten Minutes with BCD’s new head of school – Jenifer Fox

Jenifer Fox has a mission: to make schools more human. The incoming head of Berkshire Country Day School (BCD) is widely considered a national leader on developing school programs that make learning meaningful for children. Fox comes to the Berkshires… Read More

Berkshire Boxing Club welcomes everyone into the ring

The lobby of the Berkshire Boxing Club is buzzing. Just before class, while we’re lacing up our shoes and wrapping our knuckles and wrists with 180-centimeter strips of cotton, the crew is talking about the recent heavyweight upset at Madison… Read More