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Tips for Boosting Your Immune System

We asked Dr. Salerno (board-certified family physician in New York City and Fairfield), who is a pioneer in the field of complementary medicine, to share his important tips to keep our immune systems strong during COVID-19.

– Get plenty of sleep
– Eat foods which are low in simple carbs, no sugar!
– Exercise indoors or outdoors keeping six feet away from neighbors
– Take Vitamin C 2000 mg at least daily
– Vitamin D 5000 units
– Quercitin 500 mg
– Turmeric 500
– Elderberry 500
– Echinacea 500 mg
– Zinc 30 mg
– Virgin coconut oil two teaspoons daily
– Avoid anything with ibuprofen

Dr. Salerno has done TV appearances on CBS, Fox, Telemundo, and others.
The Salerno Center offers Vitamin C immune boosting and anti anxiety vitamin IVs in the comfort of your home. Vitamin C IV is being studied in China and has shown great promise in treating COVID-19 there.
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