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Being Arty- 75 Years of Showcasing Wilton Artists

It’s the 75th Anniversary of The Wilton Library Summer Art Show, so we thought it an opportune time to take a look at the local artists who have brought color and creativity to walls of library through the years. The premise is simple: If you’re a Wilton artist, you’re good to submit two pieces of your art to the Art Show. With the exception of photography (there’s a separate show for that), all mediums of art from drawing and painting to collage and digital renderings are celebrated. Here are a few of Wilton’s own artful contributors.

Ed MacEwen: Watercolor Painter and Chairman of The Summer Art Show

Public Work In addition to chairing and hanging the Summer Art Show (and  nine other art shows a year at the library) for the past 20 plus years, Macewen is also the artist responsible for designing the colorful murals throughout the Wilton Library in the children’s wing and the book basement. He’s also the stage designer for the Wilton Singers.

Other jobs Retired executive from the GTE Corporation

What do you consider when hanging the show I consider color, emotion, and scale first. Then I sometimes consider subcategories like landscape, portrait, animals, etcetera.

Inspiration I am always interested in light and color. I spend a lot of time at the beach and enjoy painting boats and the sea. If you get a catamaran in just the right light, it can be like stained glass.

Art beginnings I’ve always made art and even have a fine arts degree from Carnegie Mellon. In all the homes we’ve lived in, I’ve always made a place for a studio.

Why is the library an important venue for art The modern library has gone far beyond books and really is a cultural center now. Whether lectures, the innovation station or art, the library is a cultural resource for all.

Lynda James Carroll: Painter, photographer, illustrator

Inspiration My daughter is a perceptual psychologist and a lot of my work right now is in response to conversations she and I have had. It’s fascinating to play with perception of the visual world. We don’t see things statically. I like creating visual puzzles and the media doesn’t matter so much to me. It’s playing a perceptual game.

Is there one kind of art you’re known for A lot of people know me from my cloud paintings. I did clouds for many years. Everybody loves skies. Skies are cool.

Other jobs Retired high school art teacher

How long have you participated in the summer show I entered it for the first time probably about twenty years ago. I’m consistently surprised by the high quality of the work and the people who come out of the woodwork each year as artists locally. It’s so important that work be shown in person like this rather than online. What the library is doing is so great in terms of putting work in front of people to experience the scale and texture.

Dr. Dick Rauh: Watercolor painter and pencil illustrator

Training Doctorate in Plant Sciences and Certificate of Botanical Illustration

The best part of being an artist I am 94 and every day is serendipity doing this and just builds on itself more every day.

Favorite subject Painting nature. I enjoy drawing and painting dry fruits like acorn and dandelion more than fleshy fruits like apple and orange. I just finished a piece showing a paper wasp nest and another painting of the skeleton of a leaf. I think it’s a lily.

Other jobs Former art director for a special effects company in New York City working with film and advertising and teacher of botanical illustration at The New York Botanical Gardens

Advice to younger artists I always tell my students to look and use their eyes to really look closely at what they’re drawing or painting. Find what’s distinctive about the subject. I am a stickler for drawing and am rooted in a real literal artistry.

Process I make my paintings in watercolor, hard line and dry brush. I like precision. I do not work wet on wet like some watercolorists. I will draw something at a one to one ratio and then manually blow it up for a painting to five to twenty times the size of the actual plant.

Katya Lebija: Acrylic and watercolor painter and mixed media artist

Inspiration I suppose the bright colors in my work are probably inspired by my heritage and being from Mexico City. Mexican culture is full of vibrant colors. It’s in me and part of me.

Where do you paint We recently moved and now I have a full home studio on our property. I am working on inviting other local artists to come paint with me here too. It’s really cool to be able to share space with other artists.

Describe What drives your art I love getting to inspire young people with my art. Showing my art in libraries is very important to me because libraries are the home of inspiration for so many children and are the cultural centers of communities.

What were your Art beginnings I started with watercolors on paper, then on canvas, then I started print making and learning those effects. I love the surprise element of printmaking. I got into expressionism and ultimately have been making a lot of acrylic painting and collage mixed media work.

What of your art is most special to you Probably my figure paintings. The figure collection represents people I know and memories of my mom and others. All of my collections are special though because they all come from different states of my career as an artist.

Hadley Seymore: Painter with watercolor/oil with egg tempera

Inspirations Classical illustrations, Japanese animation, mystical and shamanic artwork

describe your work My paintings are fantastic realism and visual interpretations of my inner world, renderings of my perceptions of experiences and nature.

Training I went to university in Colorado and have studied in England and at the Academy of Visionary Art in Vienna, Austria.

How did growing up in Wilton affect your work I grew up around art books and around design, so those have always been creative influences.

Most exotic exhibitions  I’ve done a group show in an Austrian castle in memoriam of the artist Ernst Fuchs and I did a group show in Ibiza, Spain.




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