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Bedford’s Best Restaurant

TRUCK voted Best Restaurant for 2020 by Bedford Magazine readers.

TRUCK is a casual, neighborhood restaurant in Bedford, NY, making wholesome meals in an atmosphere with a comfortable, vintage feel that is reminiscent of simpler times.

TRUCK’s menu is inspired by the down-home cooking traditions of Northern New Mexico where the food has been influenced by Cowboy, Native American and Mexican cultures. The menu features tacos, enchiladas and signature salads made with grass-fed beef, sustainably raised pork and vegetables straight from local farms whenever possible.

The drink menu goes beyond the margarita and speaks for the restaurant’s passion for making environmentally conscious decisions; craft beers on tap and in aluminum cans along with red, white and rose wines on tap, have all been hand-selected.

TRUCK’s design seamlessly integrates into the historical Bedford, New York landscape as if it has been a part of the community all along. Planted outside the restaurant are eatable gardens featuring pear trees, herbs, rhubarb, blueberry bushes, even a fig tree are growing along busy Route 22. Inside the atmosphere feels like TRUCK has been Bedford’s local farm stand, general store and gathering place for years.

truckrestaurant.com / 391 Old Post Rd., Bedford, NY / 914-234-8900



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