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Grandmother’s Recipe – Ooma Tesoro turns ten, but its marinara recipe goes way back

Michael Tesoro’s grandmother grew up in Brooklyn where her marinara sauce came to be known as the most delicious, simplest, and truest to the region of southern Italy from which she hailed. Among the myriad Italian grandmothers, it was agreed:… Read More

One-click Camping – Homeowners link with Tentrr to set up glamping sites on their land

Forty million people in the United States alone go camping each year, and together they log a whopping 600 million nights spent sleeping under the stars. Got an itch to go camping in the 413? If so, Berkshire Mountain Hideaway… Read More

A Midsummer’s Dream – Albany Berkshire Ballet celebrates its 50th

It’s a full moon in the deep summer woods. Puck is out tonight, laughing invisibly with anyone who feels an unexpected rush when the air stirs. It smells warm and sweet and green before the rain, and the ferns are… Read More

The Sky Is Calling – The Mohawk Soaring Club

Have you ever gone outside on a warm summer’s day, seen hawks soaring on the wind, and dreamed of joining them as they soar higher and higher over our green Berkshires? Many people have, but how many have actually done… Read More

No Cooking Required – From North to South County, ready-made meals are good to go

If preparing delicious and healthful meals every night is getting to be too much, and pizza or Chinese take-out are becoming way too regular, Berkshire County offers two excellent and creative options. Molly Johnston, who runs Back to Basics in… Read More