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Where History Blooms

The Tapping Reeve

For the town’s 300th anniversary, the Litchfield Historical Society gives the community an opportunity to explore its past al fresco. Many organizations would be envious of the Litchfield Historical Society’s dilemma. Faced with six virtually blank acres adjacent to the Tapping Reeve House and Law School museum, they were tasked with the delightful duty of… Read More

Mom Squad — Helping new mothers embrace motherhood


The timing couldn’t have been worse, but the result couldn’t have been better. Maya Donald was 24 and exceling at her job in customer service for a telecommunications company, when she learned that she was pregnant. She’d also just ended a romantic relationship with the baby’s father. Having an infant at this point in her… Read More

Over the Plate — Tyler Kepner takes a swing at the history of pitching

Big K

When Tyler Kepner got a call from four-time Cy Young Award winner and Hall of Famer Greg Maddux, he was at his son Mack’s baseball game. He had no choice—he had to take the call. “I didn’t even have my recorder with me, so I was scribbling notes on the hood of my car,” he… Read More

License to Drive — Handling your kids learning to drive

License to Drive

If you have a child about to celebrate his or her 16th birthday, a driver’s license has likely been a frequent topic in your house. For those of you navigating this for the first time, it can be very overwhelming, a little scary, and sometimes confusing. In the State of Connecticut, individuals must be 16… Read More

Let’s Party! How and why to plan a Summer Block Party

Block Party

Rosalie Witt watched as the little girl meticulously examined the materials on her neighbor’s lawn. A box, some tape, streamers—she browsed, then spoke: “I’m intrigued.” So began her engrossing project, transforming the plain box into an elaborate cardboard house. “She drew decorations on the inside, hung streamers as curtains,” says Witt. “She didn’t want anyone… Read More

Not Your Father’s Hardware Store — Local store thriving

Wilton Hardware

When Keeler Hardware closed seven years ago, Tom Sato, a 30-year Wilton resident, decided to give up his New York marketing career and lengthy commute to fill the void by opening Wilton Hardware. “We opened a few weeks earlier than planned in October 2012,” recalls Sato. “It was right after Hurricane Sandy hit, and… Read More

Tony’s at the J House – The host with the most

Tony's at the J House

There’s plenty to like at the re-imagined Greenwich eatery at the J House Hotel. There’s a wide array of fresh, flavorful food creatively presented in sophisticated surroundings, but the very open secret to this restaurant’s current success is in its new name: TONY’S AT THE J HOUSE because co-owner Tony Capasso is the host with… Read More

Rowing her way to the Olympics


Two pivotal things must happen over the next year for elite rower Michaela Copenhaver of New Milford to realize her dream of competing in the Olympics in lightweight double sculls. Picture two women in a sliver of a boat, four oars, a burst of heart-pumping speed and, hopefully, the endurance to cover 2,000 meters faster… Read More

Litchfield Celebrates its 300th Anniversary

Litchfield Heart-of-Town

It all began back in 1719 when the town was first established by John Marsh and John Buell. Land was set aside for just three buildings: the Congregational church, a school, and a house for the minister. And a town called Litchfield was born. A lot has transpired since then, but the iconic church is… Read More

How We Met — Born to Be Together


What are the chances that two infants born within 17 hours of each other—and who shared the same hospital nursery—would end up sharing their lives? Meet Anne and Walter Beatty, born for each other. Walter arrived first, but only because Anne says that his mom took a short cut by having a C-section. Not so,… Read More