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Ten Minutes With Michael Fishman – Yankees Assistant General Manager

Michael Fishman New York Yankees

Michael Fishman knows baseball. A native of Fairfield, Fishman joined the New York Yankees in 2005 as the team’s first—and then only—analyst. Today, Fishman is a Yankee assistant general manager, overseeing one of the largest analytics staffs in all of major league baseball. Fishman, a Hopkins and Yale graduate who grew up in the Stratfield… Read More

Senior living has gone gourmet, high tech and green

Maplewood Senior Living

Finding a retirement community for mom or dad can be overwhelming. But one thing that can make your decision easier is whether or not that place is environmentally friendly. That’s where Maplewood Senior Living in Southport comes in. Wetland preservation tops the list at this new facility scheduled to open in June. The community sits… Read More

Why Table Tennis (Ping Pong) is a growing sport

Table Tennis - Ping Pong

Dyllian Gonzalez, 63, learned to play table tennis in her native Puerto Rico and played at a high level in national events until taking a break. Now she’s a regular at Fairfield Table Tennis Club, where she is known for not backing down to anyone when she gets onto a table. “This is one game… Read More

How local kids created an Engineering Toy company

Engineering Toys from 3DuxDesigns

What do you get when you combine one part inspiration, one part innovation, and a third part imagination? 3DuxDesign is the brainchild of Fairfield Warde High School graduate and current Washington University freshman Ayana Klein and her brother Ethan, now a sophomore at FWHS. Their company creates fun, kid-friendly architecture kits which show how art… Read More

A Lot of Burrata – Fairfield places that specialize in the art of cheese

Cheese making

What do you call a fad that never went away? Burrata. Yeah, that’s kind of cheesy, but it’s true. A handful of years ago burrata hit the restaurant scene and everyone was all over it. That explosive, oozy pocket of straticella was everywhere—with veggies, paired with the sweetness of a seasonal fruit, spread all over… Read More