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Green Awards

2019 Green Awards

The Green Awards recognize businesses, non-profits, and individuals who are leading the local fight to protect the environment while also creating a sustainable social and economic community. The winners, highlighted here, will be honored at a reception and ceremony, on March 12, at 6 pm, at A Contemporary Theater, Ridgefield. The ceremony is open to public. Tickets are $35.

This year’s winners are: Curbside Compost, which introduced a food scrap recycling program previously unavailable in Fairfield and Westchester, removing 730,000 pounds of food scraps from the traditional waste stream. . . . BPC Green Builders, which has never built a home that doesn’t meet or exceed standards required to be certified as a green home. . . . Elizabeth Scaperotta, a Wilton High School senior behind a successful Zero Waste program, and Ben Oko, for his decades of commitment in conservation, energy reduction, and sound environmental policy creation. Guest speaker: Roberta Barbieri, VP of Global Sustainability, PepsiCo.

Plus these honorable mentions: Bedford 2020; Dana Gips, Wilton Go Green; Green Village Initiative; Haver & Skolnick Architects; Mill River Wetland Committee; Mow Green; Organachs Farm to Skin; Pound Ridge Organics; Rudy’s Carpet & Flooring; Amanda Seitz; Stew Leonard’s; Gina White, Goshen Land Trust; Wilton Land Conservation Trust; The Wooster School.

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