Fourth Annual Green Awards

Townvibe has organized The Green Awards to recognize businesses, non-profits, and individ­uals that are leading the local fight to protect the environment while also creating a sustainable social and economic community. 

The Green Awards will be presented March 9 at a reception and ceremony at Hotel Zero Degrees. For tickets, visit:

and the winners are ...

Aspetuck Land Trust          Heineken USA          Scott Thompson


and honorable mentions ...

Of the dozens of nominations, the judges selected those who deserve special recognition for their efforts  

Bedford 2020 - A past Green Award winner, who have been successful in promoting a community-wide effort to reduce greenhouse emissions and to create a sustainable community that conserves its natural resources. 

Boehringer Ingelheim - Continually accomplishing its commitment to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 20 percent by 2020 by taking advantage of various energy-efficiency solutions. 

Curbside Compost - Operators Nick and Erica Skeadas left their careers and have committed to reducing the amount of incinerated waste and delivering clean soil through their green service. 

Eco Lustre - Relentless in its support of recycled metals and other recycled, up-cycled, and sustainable materials used in jewelry production as well as working to raise awareness in the media.

The Green Spot - The garden center has become a community gathering place working with local people throughout the area to offer green innovative thinking as well as providing organic and natural services. 

Mary Hogue - A Master Gardener who has installed countless gardens and who has become a Master Composter—teaching the art to many others. She is also on several committees that help protect forests, wetlands, and other parts of the environment.

Mill River Wetland Committee - For 50 years, the committee has advocated for, educated about, and engaged the community in the importance of a healthy watershed and river basin system and has grown to more than 400 volunteers. 

MowGreen - MowGreen reduces air and water pollution caused by gasoline and chemical based lawn care, as a carbon neutral company, focused on sustainable lawn-care services and technologies.

Planet Fuel - It is committed to its organic products as well as leveraging its successful business to support and further environmental causes and establishing the Planet Fuel Charitable Fund.

Sweet Earth Co. - Exemplifies the application of green-living principles in an organization by encompassing the full gamut of services that support the evolving culture of mindfulness as it pertains to our relationship with the land.

Wilton Go Green - For the past seven years, Wilton Go Green has committed to driving meaningful and measurable change in sustainable-living strategies by building awareness and educating all sectors of the community. A true leader in its category and an inspiration to other towns. 

the judges ...

Virginia P’an is a successful entrepreneur and winner of a 2016 Green Award. P’an is founder of Yumi EcoSolutions, which has a very simple mission: to replace plastics with sustainable natural products. “Plastics account for 25 percent of all solid waste in our landfills,” says P’an, who started her housewares and table-top products business in 2010.

Sharon Prince is co-founder of Grace Farms Foundation, in New Canaan, whose mission is to enhance lives through engagement with nature, arts, justice,community, and faith. Prince spearheaded the vision for Grace Farms and its River building, designed by the Pritzker Prize–winning firm SANAA, awarded TownVibe’s 2016 Green Award. Formerly the U.S. president of 66°North, she serves on the board of Next Generation Nepal.

Geoffrey Morris is editor-in-chief and publisher of TownVibe and its six publications and digital properties. He is a veteran of the magazine business—he was executive editor at National Review, senior editor at Reader’s Digest, and an editor at MBA Jungle. He has written and edited hundreds of articles, book reviews, and editorials, and his work has been nominated for two National Magazine Awards. 

past Green Award winners ...

Bedford 2020 - Bedford 2020 is dedicated to reducing this town’s carbon footprint while creating a sustainable, environmentally responsible community through different waste-eliminating strategies and community education. 

Yumi Eco Solutions - Dedicated to replacing plastic materials with sustainable natural products. Yumi has developed product lines that are made out of biodegradable, compostable, and renewable materials and have created a new market that will have a positive global impact.  

Grace Farms Foundation - Following its mantra “sit lightly on the land,” Grace Farms has encompassed several green practices that inspire the community. Grace Farms is LEED certified with geothermal heating and cooling, low-iron insulated windows, and other high-efficiency internal systems. 

Captain Compost - Dan Delventhal is devoted to improving the way we look at our environment, pollution, and consumption. He has developed a gasoline-free law service as well as composting everything in his home. 

Sustainable Westchester
The organization allows communities to share ideas and services that lead to important sustainability-related opportunities. 

Western CT State UniversityWCSU has invested more than $450,000 in its largest residence hall, resulting in a reduction in energy use.

Daphne Dixon Her Live Green CT has produced 200 sustainability events, educated over 15,000 people, and organized 50 panel discussions. 

CowPots This business is devoted to turning manure into odorless, biodegradable seedling containers that allow for unrestricted root growth, creating stronger, healthier plants. 

Greening Our ChildrenChronic diseases caused by the environment are now the leading public health concern, which is why Greening Our Children educates the community on how to build a green community and how to avoid environmental toxins.

Roni Widmer - Owner of Jelly Hill Farm, Widmer has now begun running weekly camps for elementary-aged kids that teach them about growing vegetables, caring for animals, and engaging in small acts with environmental purpose.

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